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Your home should be the place you feel safest, but nonetheless, there are many different risks facing you as a homeowner that leave you in a compromising position.  The key to avoiding the fallout from an unforeseen risk is proactivity, and while proper insurance is step one, there are steps you can take to further advance your security.

Below, United Insurance & Investments has provided a homeowners insurance inventory sheet, which lists an array of rooms and possessions often found in homes throughout Rockville and Gaithersburg.  Download the document and take the time to tour your house, taking careful count of the assets that make it a great place to live in.  Next, store both physical and digital copies in a safe place, as well as with close friends and family.  Lastly, supplement the documents with photos or videos you may take on a digital camera or on your smartphone.

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   Download Home Insurance Inventory Sheets   

Looking to take inventory on your mobile device?  Learn more below:

The free Know Your Stuff Home Inventory app from the Insurance Information Institute is a great way to quickly and easily account for your possessions.  Available for free download, you can read more by clicking here, or scan the QR codes for direct download.

The Insurance Information Institute has made the Know Your Stuff® homeowners insurance inventory program available for all smart phone users.  As mobile devices become more common throughout Rockville and Gaithersburg, MD, the steps toward strengthening your home insurance coverage, no matter where you are, are easier than ever.  From mapping your home to taking photos of each of your valuables, this proactive application will take up little time, but immensely benefit your coverage.  For details, check out information from your smart phone provider below, or scan the QR codes below to download immediately.










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